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Main Product Classification
Polyurethane adhesives
Phenolic acetal adhesives
Anaerobic adhesives/sealants
Thermoplastic elastomer adhesives
Acrylate adhesives
????Sealants Serials
Phenolic-NBR adhesives
Polychloroprene adhesives
????Adhesives for PVC

Thermoplastic elastomer adhesives

Product Name Application Field
402 Adhesive Used for bonding of PP film and printing paper, metals, nonmetals and other porous materials.
403 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Used for bonding of vehicle top adornment, PU, PVC decorative materials and vehicle body, textile and plastic film and printing plate
409 Adhesive Series Used for bonding of various materials, especially PE, PP, etc.
422 Adhesive  Suitable for compounding of box or bag made of rubber canvas and modified PP, ABS, PVC, etc., and bonding of PP, PE and other porous materials, such as polyurethane foam, textiles, wood, etc.
4816 Adhesive Suitable for quick bonding of natural rubber, sponge, etc.
PP Treating Agent Suitable for bonding PP, especially modified PP, surface treatment of modified PP and some EPDM rubber. After treatment, generally polyurethane adhesive is used for bonding in order to enhance the bonding strength.
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