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Main Product Classification
Polyurethane adhesives
Phenolic acetal adhesives
Anaerobic adhesives/sealants
Thermoplastic elastomer adhesives
Acrylate adhesives
Sealants Serials
Phenolic-NBR adhesives
Polychloroprene adhesives
Adhesives for PVC

Phenolic acetal adhesives

Product Name Application Field
204 Adhesive Having single-component, used for bonding of phenolic laminate sheet, glass fibre reinforced plastic, brake block, clutch plate, etc., working below 200C
toluene-based 204 Having single-component, mainly used for bonding of electromagnetic coils (epoxy paint).
2040 Temperature Resistant Coating Having single-component, sprayed or brushed on brake block, enameled wire, etc. The cured coat is full, glossy and handsome, so this product is an ideal high temperature resistant anti-rust coating, resistant to 200C.
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